MOBIFONE invested in benchmarking system with consultancy of COMIT and Anite

In co-ordination with Anite (Finland), COMIT Corporation held a training course in two days from July, 19th to July, 20th, 2016 in Hanoi about operating principles of beachmarking system for Mobifone’s technicians including Northern/Central/Southern Mobifone network and Mobifone Testing and Maintenance Center.

The training course provided basic knowledge about the principles of operation of network benchmarking system. COMIT has invited experts of Anite Corporation (Finland) – the leading company in RAN testing and measurement technology to train and explain questions from Mobifone’s technicians. 

 Mr. Yap Boon Keong – Operation & Support APAC Manager of Anite was training at the course

The Anite’s experts and COMIT’s technicians have trained the technicians of Mobifone about benchmarking network by Nemo Invex II system. Specifically, the trainees were introduced about a hardware platform, power option, standard/optional accessories, modules, software architecture and setting up. Moreover, the experts of Anite and COMIT have also coached how to set up modules, chassis, accessories, maintain and troubleshoot problems. After two days of the course, the trainees of Mobifone were skilled in installing, assembling and operating Nemo Invex II.




 The trainees were researching Nemo Invex II

Nemo Invex II is a mobile network benchmarking, testing and measurement and optimization system, combining powerful intuitive software and scalable hardware to create a superior solution for benchmarking broadband RAN networks. Mobifone will use this solution to benchmark quality of voice, data and coverage among operators in Vietnam.

  The technicians of Mobifone and the experts of Anite and COMIT


Nemo Invex II is one of the innovative benchmarking systems, firstly deploying in Vietnam and Mobifone is the leading operator in applying this system. The testing and measurement, benchmarking products of Nemo were chosen by many operators in the world basing on the flexibility of the products and the enthusiastic supports of Anite.

COMIT is now the representative of Anite to distribute Nemo products including Nemo Invex II.


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