COMIT and MobiFone attended a training conference with Subex in India

India, 10/2016, Subex (a world leading provider of business and operation support system BSS/OSS) organized a training course of ROC Route Optimization và Partner Settlement for COMIT and MobiFone engineers in Bangalore.

ROC Route Optimization and Partner Settlement are included in ROC (Revenue Operation Centre) solutions of Subex. The solutions support business, optimize cost, manage automatically processes and international telecom service business. Accordingly, ROC  Route Optimization will find an optimal route then automating routes in international gateway, based on cost factors, monthly traffic commitment, quality of service. Operators will have conditions to maximum revenue, based on minimum cost. Meanwhile, ROC Partner Settlement supports to automate management including partner settlement, contract management and supervision, billing automation, billing cross-checking and dispute resolution. With the products, all current processes of operators will be automated to replace manual processes and optimize human resources. To implement these processes, all operators in Vietnam have to do manually and they do not have the same solutions.

MobiFone, COMIT engineers pictured together with Subex specialists in front of Subex office

End of October 2016, Subex specialists trained COMIT and MobiFone engineers about these products in Bangalore, India. After training, the trainers will have basic concepts such as Invoice, Best Cost Route, Statement, Settlement …; understand how to handle automatically problems related to customer daily work; understand not only the necessity of the products but also the benefits that the system provides to help customers optimize cost and eliminate completely the implementation of the daily manual tasks.

Participating in the training course, MobiFone has sent members of network development department, billing and liquidity center, service development and cross-checking department, and technical development department of international telecom center. If the solutions are implemented successfully, MobiFone will be the first operator in Vietnam to deploy the application into the network.  

MobiFone and COMIT representatives pictured together with COO and CEO of Subex at the conference

After joining the training course, COMIT engineers and MobiFone representatives were invited to participate in user conference of Subex in the next few days in Jaipur. Accordingly, they had opportunities to learn the overview of ROC system with ROC Route Optimization (including international call context, factors affecting the optimal routing mode on the international Gate operator; general architecture of the product, the advantages of the system; the modules of the products such as service quality management module; price list management module; module using to forecast traffic in the future) and ROC partner Settlement (including the interconnect scenario agreement between the parties; workflow from recording the calls to billing with partners; logic model of the architecture of the product, the modules of the products including cost module, invoice module) and demo the product.

COMIT representatives sent a souvenir gift to COO of Subex, Mr. Vinod Kumar

Also in the trip, MobiFone and COMIT members have visited some monuments of India.

Visiting one of the seven wonders of the modern world - the Taj Mahal (Agra)


Subex is a world leading provider of business and operation support system BSS/OSS. The company provides products, solutions such as revenue assurance, fraud management, asset assurance, capacity management, data integrity management, credit risk management, cost management, route optimisation and partner settlement. Subex also offers a scalable Managed Services program with 30 + customers. Subex’s customers include 39 of top 50 telecom operators* and 7 of the world’s 10 largest# telecom companies worldwide. The company has more than 300 installations across 70 countries.

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COMIT Corporation was born from Acterna representative office in 2003 and now is the Southest Asia leading company with direct presence at Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, etc. For 14 years of development, COMIT Corporation has affirmed itself to be the pioneer and leader in Test & Measurement solutions and services; Solutions and Services for Telecom Optimizing and Engineering; Professional solutions for BSS/OSS & Monitoring systems. COMIT is now the officially-authorized representative of many world well-known and prestigious manufacturers such as: Subex (India), VIAVI, IXIA (USA), Fujikura (Japan), Anite (Finland), CELLwize (Isarel)...

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