COMIT and Viavi organized Interference Advisor Workshop for customers in Myanmar

In June, COMIT collaborated with Viavi in holding workshops in Interference Advisor solution, along with two customers, Mytel (Viettel in Myanmar) and PTD (Post and Telecommunication Department)-under MCT (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Myanmar).

Nowadays, identifying and rectifying interference issues in a mobile environment is a challenging but critical task. Mobile users near the interference source will experience degraded call success rates, increased dropped calls, decreased battery life, poor voice quality, and reduced data throughput. Therefore, detecting, locating, and finally eliminating these sources of RF interference are critical to maintaining good user experience throughout the network.

Interference Advisor is a fully automated user-friendly interference hunting solution. Interference Advisor allows one RF engineer to easily identify and locate an interference source with minimal effort. What used to take days to troubleshoot can now be done in hours by following a few simple steps.

On June 20th 2017, the first conference took place at Mytel's office in Yangon. During the conference, Viavi experts introduced CellAdvisor base station testing solution, along with Interference Advisor solution to customers, as well as what benefits these solutions bring to customers.

From our rich experience in the field of telecommunications in Myanmar, COMIT understands the characteristics of air interface in Myanmar, especially in urban areas with a high level of interference from various sources such as cable TV, repeaters ... Therefore, COMIT has discussed with and advised Mytel on solutions for interference finding and identifying.


Workshop at Yangon

On June 22th 2017, COMIT and Viavi conducted the workshop with PTD at Nay Pyi Taw. With the same content as the conference in Yangon, COMIT co- operated with Viavi to introduce to PTD about Viavi’s solutions. As the authority responsible for managing RF frequency resources, identifying and rectifying strange signal and interference sources is an important mission of PTD as well.


Workshop at Nay Pyi Taw

The goal of the workshop is to provide customers with advanced solutions for identifying and finding interference, and at the same time, COMIT hopes to foster cooperation relationship with customers as a provider of innovative telecom solutions and services. Besides, COMIT is a strategic partner of Viavi Solutions in providing solutions in order to perfect telecommunication.


Viavi’s experts were introducing measurement products to customers

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