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Tuyển dụng

TI Engineer (Myanmar)

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TI service for Operators and Vendors in Myanamar, include BTS, MW, Power and other worksrelated to telecom field


- Install and integrate 2G, and 3G and 4G mobile stations, antenna, optical fiber, cablefeeder, power cables on poles and pieces of equipment in the station.

- Install, integrate and tune online microwave transmission lines: including microwaveantennas, feeder cables, power cables on poles and equipment in the station.

- Survey, inspect, maintain, calibrate, upgrade, troubleshoot indoor devices of mobilestations 2G and 3G; microwave links

- Survey, inspect, maintain, calibrate parameters, troubleshoot outdoor section of mobilestations 2G and 3G; microwave links


- Male only

- Can speak and listen English at basic level

- Graduated from Engineering/Electronic/Mechanics Vocational training School/College/university

- Can work at height / Having certificate W@H is an advantages

- Have at least 2 years experience in installing and integration (experience with NOKIA equipment is an advantages)

- Nationalities: any

Contact: hr@comitcorp.com

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