COMIT & Mavernir workshop – RCS Business Messaging

RCS (short for Rich Communication Services) is the next iteration of carrier text messaging technology. RCS offers customers with:

  • Send larger, higher-quality images, and access a much broader array of emojis.

  • Stream audio and video.

  • Provide better group chat capabilities.

  • Enjoy greater security than is found with apps.

  • Make use of a number of in-call and post-call features.

RCS opens a new horizon of opportunity for marketers to reach consumers in a powerful new way. Key benefits to RCS for marketers include:
  • Utilize a highly-targeted method of communication by only reaching customers who are most likely to take action.

  • Keep customers happy (and informed) with real-time order confirmations, product announcements, and quality customer service.

  • Communicate with customers immediately without the delay or uncertainty of traditional advertising mediums.

  • Stay top of mind by communicating on a regular basis with customers directly on their mobile devices native messaging app.

  • Analyze campaigns by measuring read receipts, transactions, and other suggested replies and actions.

According to GSMA, there are currently 50 launched and announced RCS networks, and 159 million monthly active users. Another 25 operators are expected to launch RCS during the course of 2018. And the GSMA predicts by the end of 2019, more than a billion people will be monthly active users of RCS.

Marvenir is the Industry's Only End-to-End, Cloud-Native Network Software Provider and is the worldwide messaging leader with more than 80% of market share, operating in more than 150 countries and more than 15 billion messages delivered per day.

In Vietnam, Service providers are also paying attention to RCS in order to improve customers’ experience and also to develop new business. On 26th June 2019, COMIT and MAVENIR have organized a workshop with the two leading operators in Vietnam: VinaPhone and MobiFone to introduce Mavenir RCS Business Messaging.

The workshop gathered most of related experts of VinaPhone and MobiFone. This shows the willing of the two service providers to improve customers’ experience in the new transforming mobile network economics.


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