BSC/RNC/MSC/MSS Installation and commissioning

Scope of works:

• Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND

• RFI check at the site besides ensuring the site permissions. Sending the SDR to customer

• Material reception and checking as per packing list and intimate the customer in case of exigency

• Grouting the equipment rack and inserting all required modules as per the manual/lay out drawing

• Interconnection with appropriate cables/jumpers

• Grounding the equipment

• Installation of DCDB and extension of power to the equipment

• Installation of DDF and extension of E1s to the equipment by Kroning

• Installation of optical cables if required and measurement of power

• Switching on the equipment and commissioning as per the procedure

• Allotment of given IP address and extension of services to the subscribers

• BER test if required

• Preparation of AT document and sign off

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