SIGOS CDR Comparison and Testing

SIGOS CDR Comparison and Testing










The SIGOS SITE system acts as a Test Call / Event Generator. It is capable of importing ‘live’ CDRs from the network and automatically comparing them with the reference CDRs generated by the system. All ‘live’ CDRs can be extracted at a chosen point in time during post-processing.

This helps to detect for instance inaccurate CDR fields such as faulty time stamps, incorrect call duration and GPRS data volume.

Full reports will provide the right summary about how many calls have not been charged and how many minutes or what data volume has been counted inaccurately.



Detection and prevention of future revenue leakages!

Fast detection of discrepancies in the amount of call minutes and data volume charged to customers

Comprehensive concept: any services, any subscribers, any locations

Highly automated reporting and alarming


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