SIGOS SIM Box Detection

SIGOS SIM Box Detection











SIGOS offers a SIM Box Detection solution with the goal to gradually “clean” incoming traffic terminating through SIM Boxes by disconnecting detected SIM Box numbers. This protects the network from any potential fraudulent upsurge.

As part of the SIM Box Detection Service (SBD), we can also identify if mobile operator SIMs are used as international bypass (Arbitrage) to forward international wholesale voice traffic to destinations offered by the same mobile network operator with a competitive retail tariff. As an add-on to the SBD service, with a small hardware installation on customer premises, we can also provide automatic blocking, as well as information about IMSI and IMEI for the detected SIM Box numbers to make the identification of fraudsters more effective.


Stop your interconnect revenue losses!

Ensure first-class end-user experience through quick SIM Box elimination

Detect gray routes and get real-time alerts of SIMs that are used in SIM Box equipment

Real-time reporting with drill-down function to full call data and timestamp

BABT certified


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