Wireless Network Testers

  • JDSU E6474A
    Voice/Video Quality & Drive test

  • Anite Nemo Invex

    Benchmarking system, High speed application test

    CPU structure, UE Shield box

    Support up to 20 UEs

  • JDSU JD745B

    Cable & Antenna Analysis/ Passive Intermodulation check for RF feeder

    RF Measurements over CPRI

    RF/ Signal Analysis


  • JDSU JD725A
    Cable & Antenna Tester
    Insertion Gain-Loss/ RF Power Meter

  • CCI PIMPro

    Analyze the PIM effect of RF Antenna&Feeder

    PIMPoint to find out the location of PIM

    PIM & Return Loss/Frequency Sweep/PIM vs Time/Rx interference


  • IXIA Veriwave
    + Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, FE/GE

    + Wifi lab/benchmarking/field tester for AP, AP Controller, WLAN network.

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