Network Audit

 The network audit examines the performance, configuration and operation of equipment, with the aim of making recommendations to improve the network Quality of Service in a cost-effective manner.


Site Audit   

The audit process identifies discrepancies between the design and implemented network. This will help to collect full physical information about the real network, and assist to network optimization activity.


Coverage drive test outdoor and in-building

The drive test is to build coverage maps and test their networks for signal strength. Drive test or wireless data collection is used to provide coverage analysis, network weakness information and to aid in finding specific problem areas reported by consumers.


Voice Quality – Customer Perceived

With the liberalization and internationalization in telecommunication, service quality has become an important means of differentiation and path to achieve business success. Such differentiation based on service quality can be a key source of competitiveness.

The service includes measurement of MOS (Mean Opinion Score), Rx quality, call events and statistics such as attempt/failure/success/disconnect/dropped, call setup time. The measurement will be done through drive test over sufficient geographical coverage (on highways, inside the buildings, and basement) to monitor of service quality as perceived by customers. This also provides directions to mobile operator as to which particular dimension requires attention in terms of their importance. This would enable the service providers to focus resources in accordance with the importance of these dimensions. Further, the service quality can be used for benchmarking performance against competitors.


Traffic and congestion- Network availability

Creating traffic and congestion on cell/BSC level database to find the busy hour individually for each cell/BSC. This database then is used to analyze the TCH and SDCCH traffic and congestion on cell level, TCH and C7 traffic and congestion on BSC level.


Recommendations for network improvement

All recommendations will be based on facts in findings.

-    Cell parameter consistency check.

-    Check of used radio network features.

-    Frequency and neighbour plan evaluation.

-    Radio network performance evaluation.


Network Benchmark

Comprehensive comparative analysis provides details on in-market analysis and network review. The service evaluates performance against competition and measures network performance using a drive test to examine coverage and call quality. Tests are conducted for call availability, call quality, call set up success rate, call drop rate and handover success rate.

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