Professional Testing Services


•  EMF & Earth Resistance: All mobile operators must ensure that their BTSs are certified to comply with Vietnam safety standards, in particular, for Electro-Magnetic Field (QCVN 8:2010/BTTTT) and Earth Resistance (QCVN 9:2010/BTTTT). COMIT is the one of few companies those possess licenses from Ministry of Information & Communications for measuring above parameters. This service has been provided to almost mobile operators in Vietnam.

•  QoS for Fixed & Mobile Networks: The service for testing and analyzing the Quality of Service (QoS) of fixed and mobile networks is designed to help operators evaluate their QoS objectively and accurately according to Vietnam standards of TCN 68-176:2006 and TCN 68-186:2006. Besides using these results for periodic reports to Ministry of Information & Communications, network operators also use them for planning network optimization activities and improvement of customer service’s quality.

•  Fiber Characterization: This service measures all properties of a fiber optic line such as losses, reflections and dispersions. It helps network operators verify if the fiber allowing for network expansion, bandwidth increases and deployment of new technologies. It helps reduce troubleshooting time significantly, too.


•  Drive testThe drive test is to build coverage maps and test the networks for signal and service quality. Drive test allows wireless operators to find and diagnose problems, network weakness information and to aid in finding specific problem areas reported by consumers. Typical problems in the network can include: poor coverage, no service, high dropped call rate, poor voice quality, and low data throughput rates.

Drive test also contributes key information at the planning and deployment stages by providing a complete picture of the radio access network. 


•  Mobile Bench MarkingComprehensive comparative analysis provides details on in-market analysis and network review. The service evaluates performance against competition and measures network performance using a drive test to examine coverage and call quality. Tests are conducted for call availability, call quality, call set up success rate, call drop rate and handover success rate.


•  Mobile Network Audit: The audit process identifies discrepancies between the design and implemented network. This will help to collect full physical information about the real network, and assist to network optimization activity.


•  Troubleshooting Networks: Almost network problems are efficiently troubleshot by network operators and system vendors. However, many problems require the collaboration of experts of specialized fields in telecom in order to be successfully troubleshoot. This service is provided upon the in-depth knowledge in telecom test & measurement and diversified experience of COMIT experts. We helped troubleshoot successfully many problems like synchronous signal faults and wrong mapping in transport systems, faulty protocol exchanges between network equipment, etc.

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