RF Optimization

 After the network has been launched the planning and optimization related activities do not end because network optimization is a continuous process. For the optimization the needed input is all available information about the network and its status. The network statistic figures, alarms and traffic itself are monitored carefully. Customer complaints are also a source of input to the network optimization team. The optimization process includes both network level measurements and also field test measurements in order to analyze problem locations and also to indicate potential problems.

Parameter configuration check and  optimization

Once a radio network is operational, its performance is monitored. The performance is compared against chosen key performance indicators (KPIs). After fine-tuning radio parameters, the results are applied to the network to achieve the desired performance. The main focus of radio network optimization is on areas such as power control, quality, handovers, subscriber traffic, and resource availability measurements.


Site hardware configuration and optimization

-  Antenna reorientation, up/down tilt, relocation, height adjustment.

-  Up/down grade site configuration.

-  Fix faulty card, jumper, feeder etc.


Frequency & Neighbour optimization

-  Effectively reusing the available bandwidth and frequency carriers in order to avoid internal interference and service degradation. As the allocated radio resources are limited so RNO teams would have to take appropriate measures and actions to avoid all kinds of internal and external interference especially during new BTS sites integrations and network expansions etc.

- Checking missing neighbor cells, verifying and perfecting list of neighbor cells, solving handover, call drop, and downlink interference problems. Ensuring proper handover factor based on DT by adjusting engineering parameters properly.


Top X site targeting

Analyzing worst cell list based on network performance statistics and give solution to improve the quality.


Network optimization.

Periodically monitoring and optimizing a live network throughout its life-cycle

by doing drive tests and KPIs maintenance.


System growth / expansion planning

After years of network growth and city reconstruction, unexpected coverage issues, inefficient system resource utilization and improper BTS traffic location planning are common side effects. As a result, operators today need effective optimization services that can address different business models for their network, in conjunction with their market growth and maturity. We help operators not only generate plans for system expansion, site selection and network resource redistribution, but also provide optimization service.
The focus of system growth / expansion planning lies on tight frequency reuse and the implementation of cell split and micro cells which together provide almost unlimited possibilities of capacity expansion.


Drive test and verification

With a site on air, it is necessary to check the performance of the new site. This is done through verification drive tests. The sites are checked for validating integration parameters and ascertaining call performance: call termination, call origination, handover, power control, Rx quality and Rx level etc.


Different optimization report

-  Radio network measurement and analysis report.

-  BSS/ RAN parameter adjustment report.

-  Worst cell optimization report.

-  Coverage analysis report.

-  Capacity analysis & Recommendation report.

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