CCI PiMPro Tower Series

The first truly portable family of Passive Intermod (PIM) analyzers


  • CCI's PiMPro Tower Series is the first truly portable family of Passive Intermod (PIM) analyzers.  All PiMPro Tower analyzers have real world 40W × 2 output power capability, with a sensitivity of -135 dBm, and can run on battery power for over three hours. The PiMPro Tower 1821 has the ability to cover the upper and lower 1821 MHz bands, both 1710-1880 MHz and 1920-1980 MHz. The analyzer's excellent measurement sensitivity (-135 dBm) as well as its ability to set transmit tone levels down to 20 dBm (100 mW) × 2 makes it the perfect resource for conventional cell sites as well as in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) requirements.
  • The Tower Series demonstrates the perfect synergy of CCI’s world class in-house engineering design expertise for both filters and amplifiers. Each light weight and compact unit is protected by a reinforced backpack case which can easily strap to a climber’s back for top-of-the-tower performance testing. The unit can be safely secured to most any tower structure with its integrated industrial grade clips. Each unit features a superior quality bright TFT capacitive large 8.0 inch (203 mm) screen that provides a very friendly user interface. CCI’s simple GUI combined with a powerful CPU make for fast measurement acquisition and site data storage. The portable construction, designed with durable ruggedness and reliability first and foremost, PiMPro Tower Series will prove to be a valuable investment for years to come.
  • Most LTE sites are configured with radios set at 40 watts or more per carrier and each site can have as many as four carriers per sector.  This means that PIM testing at anything less than 40W × 2 will not accurately simulate live network traffic and is likely to understate actual site PIM levels. The PiMPro Tower Series' 40 watt × 2 power level allows for realistic PIM level testing in the field and at the tower top. The analyzer provides precise measurement of the 3rd and 5th order intermods of any system or component under high-power conditions. In addition to passive intermodulation measurements, the unit will provide VSWR and Return Loss values. PiMPro can be used to verify the integrity of individual passive components including connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, filters, making it an integral performance tool for site and tower technicians.
  • As a leading provider of wireless base station enhancement products, CCI set out to design and develop a reliable solution to system performance and enhancement challenges. PiMPro employs state-of-the-art technology and is built to meet the ever changing demands and needs of today’s wireless suppliers.


  • On site installation testing of antennas, filters, cable assemblies and other passive components
  • Tower technicians can test antenna installations under real world 40W x 2 conditions at the tower top
  • Mobile operators can isolate site performance issues and perform interference testing


  • Lightest full power portable PIM analyzer covering the 1710-1785 / 1920-1980 MHz (RX)  and 1805-1837 / 1855-1880 MHz (TX) bands
  • Real world 40 W × 2 radio power levels with highly accurate -135 dBm sensitivity
  • Ultra-portable in a convenient and durable backpack enclosure and with over three hours of battery life
  • Simultaneous Real Time PIM & Return Loss measurements
  • Automatic GPS site location feature
  • Distributed antenna system (DAS) test feature
  • New PiMPoint feature (integrated) allows distance approximation to largest PIM source, in 50 ohm path and outside the antenna
  • New Distance to Fault feature allows for simultaneous view of PiMPoint and Distance to Fault impedance reflections on the same graph
  • New Cable Loss measurement capability
  • Fully integrated Wi-Fi remote control using smart phone or tablet computer
  • Instantaneous Measurement Modes for PIM and Return Loss, Frequency Sweep and PIM vs Time
  • Easy to use graphic navigation tools with unique touch screen display
  • Self-calibrating to industry standards
  • Variable output power from 20 to 46 dBm x 2 (100mW to 40W x 2)
  • Measures the 3rd and 5th reflective passive intermodulation
  • Internal and external data storage
  • Software and firmware updates downloadable via USB connection
  • Universal and Basic 7–16 DIN component Accessory Kits available

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