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COMIT - Viettel: Developing Radio Frequency (RF) Testing Solution for Viettel’s Worldwide Networks

Story 1

- Problem: Monitoring radio frequency (RF) signal deviation without stopping base stations. The shutdown of base stations would impact to QoS significantly and take time as huge number of base stations.

- Solution: Engineers of COMIT and Viavi developed a solution that was based on Viavi CellAdvisor and with new features: i) to test RF signal via air interface and 3GPP TS 25.141 standard; ii) to store multiple test results.

- Results: The solution helped Viettel save time and costs in testing its thousands of base stations in Vietnam and is also applied in other Viettel networks.

QoS Benchmarking for Top 3 Mobile Operators in Cambodia and East Timor

Story 2

- Problem: Metfone and Telemor wanted to benchmark their QoS among Top 3 Mobile Operators in Cambodia and East Timor in order to define their competitive service level and to optimize their coverage/service quality. The benchmarking was requested for voice and data service, GSM and WCDMA, QoS KPIs (CSSR, DCR, MOS, etc.) and Coverage KPIs (RSCP, EcNo, RxLev, RxQual, etc.).

- Solution: COMIT deployed 3 benchmarking systems with 45 Nokia test mobiles, 9x 3G data cards and Keysight Nemo Outdoor Drive Test systems. The project was implemented in 3 months and mobilized 2 Project Managers, 9 Field Engineers and 8 RF Engineers.

- Results: COMIT benchmarked and delivered sophisticated benchmarking reports those consist of a lot of useful information and data for its quality control and optimization.


COMIT - Ericsson: Helping Ericsson to Optimize Its Customer’s Network

Vietnamobile – an Ericsson’s customer, would like to widen 4G technology in Central and Southern of Vietnam. COMIT is the only partner who can provide full-life cycle RAN Optimization, was invited by Ericsson to support them in this project. The scope of work covered drive test, data collection, data analysis, change recommendations, change implementation, OSS KPIs optimization, hardware-faults fix, KPIs monitoring, license, feature, parameter sweeping, audit after optimization and reports. At the beginning of the project, most of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) were negative.

Due to strict timeline, COMIT engineers had worked under high pressure continuously in 2 months without any days off, even weekend or holidays.


- KPIs were met.

- Successfully implemented 256 QAM DL / 64 QAM UL helping boost the speed of Vietnamobile network and improve customer experience.

- Balanced the load between U900-L900, which helped optimize the flow of data between the 3G-4G technologies, also helped customers stay on top of the speed of internet.

- Increased 350% of 4G traffic (3G remained stable).

- Detected 13 outside noise areas which affected Vietnamobile network quality.

Story 3

Digital Transformation: Providing Mobile Money Solutions to Movitel (Mozambique)

Story 4

Now processing over $1.3 billion a day, the mobile money industry added a record 143 million registered customers in 2018. Mobile money has evolved into the leading payment platform for the digital economy in many emerging markets. Movitel - one of the biggest service providers in Mozambique has deployed mobile money to their millions of subscribers. COMIT/COMVIVA has been providing the solutions for Movitel since earlier 2019. 

This is a project under a global agreement between Viettel (mother company of Movitel) and COMIT/COMVIVA for deploying mobile money solutions to Viettel networks worldwide.

AI & IoT: Providing Artificial Intelligence-driven automated marketing to Viettel

Story 5

Viettel - is recognized as one of the top telecom service providers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and joins top 100 enterprises in the world. In Vietnam, their number of subscribers reached 60 million in 2017 (counting for 46.7% of total Vietnam telecom subscribers). With their huge data, and as the leading service provider in Vietnam, Viettel always leads the market with new technology application. In 2018, Viettel decided to apply artificial Intelligence in monitoring their big data, creating and running marketing campaigns.

COMIT and its partner - Flytxt (one of the fastest growing developers of software in the rapidly growing fields of artificial intelligence, analytics and marketing automation) was chosen to deploy this project with the solution: Neon DX. NEON-dX allows Viettel to gain an even deeper understanding of its customers with insights so that Viettel can send micro-segmented and personalized offers that reflect the customer’s contextual needs and interests in real-time. This ensures customers get the best service across all channels and help Viettel maintain a leading position when it comes to customer engagement.

Anti Spam solution: Providing anti-SMS-spam solutions for VinaPhone

Story 7

The problem of spam has become a pressing issue, this has caused inconveniences to consumers and led to reduce the service quality of telecom operators. In Vietnam, reports showed that in 2016 there were hundreds of millions of spam messages delivered to end users, in which VinaPhone accounted the highest rate of 58.5%. Therefore, the customer gave COMIT an urgent mission of preventing the spam in the shortest time to increase their service quality and image in consumers’ eyes and government authorities. COMIT engaged Enghouse – a leading Canadian based software and services company to apply their anti-spam solution to solve the problem. The Anti-spam system has been successfully deployed and worked effectively. COMIT experts and counterparts had to work 24/7 during the entire project, despite of national holidays and lunar new year period.

Providing RF Spectrum Monitoring System in Myanmar

The rapid development of the Myanmar telecom industry had brought many challenges to Myanmar’s telecom regulator. One of them was how to manage and plan Radio Frequency efficiently. And the deployment of a RF spectrum monitoring system was an answer.

COMIT (together with its local partner) and the solution from TCI (USA) – the advanced solution that has been provided to many countries from North America to Europe, and Asia, worked closely with Myanmar’s telecom regulator to understand deeply their needs and requirements in both technical and application aspects.

Due to COMIT’s successful deployment of a Spectrum Monitoring System in 2014, two years later, in 2016, Myanmar’s telecom regulator continued appointing COMIT together with its local partner to implement new Spectrum Monitoring System and Direction Finding up to 8 GHz. With extensive experience COMIT implemented a turnkey solution of a Monitoring Control Center and 11 sub-systems of fix and transportable monitoring stations. The new monitoring system covered all kinds of terrains from plains to mountains. The project was successfully completed and met the time requirement of customer.

Assuring QoS/QoE with the Deployment of an Optical Network Monitoring System in Movitel (Mozambique)

Story 8

In early 2015, Movitel had possessed the largest mobile infrastructure in Mozambique, of which, the optical backbone played a critical role. The network expansion over the 2nd largest country in Africa raised big challenges to Movitel in maintaining the quality and connectivity of its optical network, and through that, to assure the QoS/QoE of its service delivery. COMIT’s engineers spent a few months in Mozambique and deployed successfully an Optical Network Monitoring System based on Viavi’s solution. The system has helped Movitel shorten the troubleshooting time, forecast the quality decline of optical links and initiate preventive solutions. It has also helped Movitel manage its resource more efficiently upon useful statistics and data generated.

Perfect After-Sales Service

In March, 2017, Movitel – the largest service provider in Mozambique had troubles monitoring 3 nodes OUT from a server of ONMSi system, and some of the other nodes were also unstable. Each node was responsible for tracking 24 cable lines which provide the transmission to the customers. As a reason for the incident, the quality of Movitel telecom network could be declined, and took time as well as many resources to overcome.

At that time, Movitel and COMIT did not remain any service level agreement. However, facing up with the emergency of customer, COMIT, with the spirit of “Devotion to customer”, immediately formed a support team to help Movitel solve the problem. With extensive experience in telecommunication testing and measurement, very soon, COMIT’s technical experts found the solution that examined, then re-enumerated the monitoring status of each node, and defined which error could be occurred. The Team worked hardly and continuously in three weeks notwithstanding time zone difference, poor connection, no days off, staying up late, waking up early…The problem of Movitel was solved quickly, all the nodes worked smoothly to track and ensure the transmission of the network.

Moreover, that was not even where the “Devotion to customer” spirit stopped. After helping the customer troubleshoot the emergency incident, COMIT provided free advanced training courses for Movitel engineers on issues when using the products and solutions.

"Devotion to customer" is one of the core values of COMIT since establishment, and despite any difficulties, customers can trust that COMIT will always be together to find solutions.

Story 9