Enghouse Aktavara Network Inventory Management

Manage, design and assign physical and logical network inventory.

Network Operators around the world are faced with transforming their legacy OSS to meet the challenges of 5G, SDN and NFV. The Enghouse Networks Inventory Management Suite enables management and provisioning of hybrid, evolving, autonomous communication networks.

Enabling 5G Digital Transformation

  • Network Inventory Management: Manage, design and assign physical and logical network inventory.  Correlate across all network layers.
  • Network Resource Planning: Enables rapid network infrastructure scalability that is capable of handling diverse network traffic, based on accurate network and inventory data, and powered by a configurable rules engine. Gain visibility and control of network resource utilization for efficient network build out and capacity capital allocation, by planning and tracking all physical and virtual assets with unified management and auditing tools.
  • Network Reconciliation: Achieve accurate and up-to-date network element inventory and services with full configurability for new processes, vendors, and technologies. Rapidly deploy and migrate from legacy systems by utilizing the built-in auto discovery functionality. Enables improved time to repair through simplified field change audits.
  • Site Management: Fixed, mobile, and tower operators can plan and track their site rollout workflow, status, and continued maintenance by providing site and location life cycle management. Manage equipment and assets like power generation and climate control, as well as information about tenants, contracts, health and safety, and site access procedures.

How to Get Started

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