Mavenir IMS Core Product Suite


Mavenir’s fully virtualized IMS platform serves as the foundational technology for all IP communications services in 4G and 5G networks. Operators can achieve web-scale economics, increase productivity and leverage current network investments with a 5G-ready, cloud-native IMS core platform.


Now is the time for operators to look towards virtualization to prepare for 5G future. Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS helps operators evolve today’s mobile voice services, building on existing 4G networks to prepare for the 5G evolution. Cloud-native solutions offer operators the ability to:

  • Move to web-scale
  • Maximize hardware resource efficiency
  • Enable faster service delivery, and
  • Minimize headcount for deployment and operations.

Cloud-native IMS also provides a continuity in voice services that is often overlooked in the rush to move to 5G. Although much of the promise of 5G is in the growth of M2M communications, Person to Person (P2P) and Person to Machine (P2M) will still be in demand. The most efficient approach to 5G is to utilize the existing VoLTE network for voice while repurposing the network when an operator moves to 5G new radio. This migration entails moving to a microservices architecture built on virtualized software, which should allow operators to utilize the same IMS core for VoLTE and 5G voice while offering a more efficient deployment of new services. When combined with Mavenir’s RCS solution, cloud-native IMS ensures the promise of human to human and P2M communication is met in the 5G era.


As operators strive to keep up with flat to decreasing subscriber ARPUs, the need has increased to offer differentiated services to enterprise and consumers such as;

  • HD Voice Over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi)
  • Messaging as a Platform (MaaP)
  • Mobile Business Communications and Collaboration
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS)

While there are several that claim to offer a cloud native IMS solution that is scalable, agile, with robust management of load and resiliency -- the proof is in the architecture and deployments. Mavenir is the most experienced provider of IMS on cloud-native with an open, end-to-end software portfolio, innovative revenue generating services, and the scalability required for today’s Tier 1 wireless operators.


Many operators have yet to move to a 4G IMS Core have deployed early 4G IMS networks, predominantly for fixed-voice networks on older purpose-built hardware or ATCA chassis. Ultimately, all operators need to get to fully virtualized, cloud-native networks to remain viable and competitive in the long term. While a move to a fully virtualized IMS platform is not an easy process as providers must deal with legacy equipment, operating systems, and ultimately customer migrations, there is significant long-term value in upgrading and will give operators more control and reduced operating costs.

Only a virtualized network, evolved into a fully web-scale platform can meet the requirements for a successful 5G network. Mavenir’s cloud native IMS platform is completely virtualized – with no legacy hardware platforms or migration from a fixed IMS platform.This mobile-first architecture has been deployed globally in a variety of large multivendor environments offering distinct advantages:

  • Proven scale (both up and down) with carrier-grade reliability in large mobile networks
  • Full standards compliance and interface interoperability
  • Flexible framework supporting a multitude of applications and services
  • Field hardened advanced load-balancing and resiliency features

These capabilities can change the economic equation for mobile operators and make 5G networks a reality.

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