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P.I. Works provides the industry-leading automated multi-vendor, multi-technology network optimization solution. Automated configuration management and adaptive optimization algorithms are coordinated centrally to manage performance improvements in complex heterogeneous and shared networks. The solution yields and maintains improved subscriber experience with increased data throughput, while minimizing network management costs. 

Key Capabilities

  • Proven track record in delivering strong coverage and capacity improvements in Tier 1 mobile networks globally.
  • Guaranteed mobile user experience driven by advanced data correlation capabilities, utilizing internal and external data sources including backhaul access networks, customer experience management systems and geolocation systems.
  • Significant business benefits delivered via fully automated, 24/7 closed loop operation. 
  • Open-loop and semi-automated capabilities also supported.
  • Improved accessibility and reduced capacity failures in Het-Nets through unified network performance planning, management and optimization.
  • Flexible, microservice based architecture for high scalability and for managing complex, growing Het-Net environments with fully virtualized functionalities.


  • Guaranteed throughput improvement for more responsive applications, higher streaming capabilities and reduced connection loss.
  • Proven OpEx and CapEx reduction through automation, leading to increased productivity of your team and improved utilization of deployed infrastructure resources. 
  • Increased NPS (Net Promoter Score) and revenue by identifying network blackspots and bottlenecks, and resolving KPI degradation issues in a proactive and consistent way. Geolocated call-trace events, crowdsourced data metrics, CEM KQIs, device figures, and customer segment information are utilized to achieve that. 
  • Reduced subscriber churn with proactive and continual approach to minimizing customer complaints. This not only maximizes KPI scores but also to minimizes customer complaints and traffic loss while lowering MTTR (Mean Time to Recover) to network problems.
  • Lower MTTR (Mean Time to Recover) on network outages to reduce traffic loss and customer impact.
  • Increased accuracy and consistency via a centralized approach for the entire radio network with unified multi-vendor and iRAT performance tracking and rollback. 
  • Rapid Het-Net adaptation to support comprehensive network densification strategies and prepare for 5G transformation.
  • Mix-and-Match approach of uSON, centralized SON functions can be integrated with network planning, network monitoring, geolocation, configuration management functionalities. This minimizes redundant investments and streamlines the network operations across all-domains (RAN, Transmission, Core Networks, IT, IN and VAS Systems) with advanced data correlation and interoperability capabilities.
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and Time-to-Impact through rapid integration infrastructure, virtualized environment flexibility, and field proven policy and KPI playbooks which also deliver unlimited scalability and efficiency. 
  • Guaranteed future-proof technology with built-in RAN release upgrades and CSON release support.


Common Features

  • Off-the-shelf technology packages including Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, ZTE and Airspan covering 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. Technology packages include KPIs, reports, alarms, audits, and industry leading SON modules to maximize visibility and impact.
  • Set-and-Forget approach with cognitive site profiling, exclusion management and auto-rollbacking mechanisms. Web based, fully configurable policies make future proof closed-loop operation viable.
  • Shared network support provides secure data segregation and aggregated network management capability.
  • Customization capability of SON modules allows users to configure target cluster, exclusion cluster, scheduling options, action parameters, set & rollback conditions.

Select SON Modules

  • Plug and Play (PnP) offers best initial site configuration including but not limited to PCI/RSI/PSC/BCCH/BSIC codes and initial neighbor relations for rapid and consistent network rollouts.
  • Code (PSC/PCI/RSI) Optimization offers user mobility and cell type aware code planning optimization with two modes of operations; bulk planning and conflict resolution. 
  • Automated Neighbor Relations (ANR) accepts the mobility management policies set from web-user interface and identifies optimum intra-frequency, inter-frequency and inter-technology neighbors, including inter-OSS, inter-vendor borders with call-trace enabled operation.
  • Coverage & Capacity Optimization (CCO) boosts coverage quality and resolves capacity issues with near-real-time actions. While CCO/coverage function utilizes network logs, call-traces, or external system metrics including CEM KQIs, crowdsourced data, RF prediction outputs, CCO/capacity functions resolve power, code, baseband resource congestion and interference issues with vendor specific actions.
  • Hybrid Load Balancing (HLB) module dynamically offloads traffic from heavily utilized cells by intra-frequency, inter-frequency and IRAT traffic steering actions in order to proactively prevent congestion issues and minimize site capacity expansion needs by considering load quality status on target carriers.
  • Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO) improves the mobility experience of subscribers by resolving the handover problems and ping-pong activities based on the data collected from source and target cells in heterogeneous networks.
    Automated Inconsistency Correction (AIC) ensures defect-free network configuration and compliance with the golden configuration settings. 
  • Cell Outage Detection and Compensation (CODC) instantaneously acts and compensates the cell outages as well as the sleeping cell and sick cell problems to reduce customer complaints, churn, traffic loss and decrease in MTTR (Mean Time to Recover).
  • Energy Saving (ES) evaluates carrier loads in a centralized way. Based on macro-macro, macros-small cell, inter-technology, inter-band traffic patterns, it automatically turns off/on network elements according to operator’s Energy Saving policy to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

How to Get Started

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