Polystar Service Assurance and Network Monitoring

Real-time Solutions enabling exceptional network operations

Assure and protect your network assets

CSPs need to assure and protect their network assets. Customer expectations and demands continue to grow. Network quality and performance have become clear differentiators. As a result, CSPs must ensure they deliver services and networks that perform and provide the right levels of customer experience, so that they can attract and retain subscribers, minimise churn and protect margins.

Polystar offers a complete range of solutions and products that deliver real-time service assurance and network monitoring, helping CSPs to provide outstanding levels of quality, performance and service to their customers.

Polystar’s KALIX, OSIX Monitoring, OSIX Export and OSIX Import products help CSPs resolve operational and performance issues, based on real-time data, while gathering historic information and trends to guide future planning and investments.

  • Deliver exceptional performance
  • Enhance network efficience
  • Improve customer retention and reduce churn


  • Improved customer retention and reduced churn: Increase customer satisfaction levels by delivering better service and coverage that makes a dramatic and measurable positive impact on churn and retention rates.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Proactively identify and resolve network and service issues before they are experienced by users, reducing their potential impact and cost.
  • Enhanced network efficiency: Provide optimal network performance and quality of service by monitoring the most important and relevant network and service metrics.
  • Improved customer care: Respond to customer requests faster and provide a better experience, resulting in more satisfied subscribers and reduced operating costs.

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“I can only say one thing "OUR SERVICE IS EXCELLENT". I suggest you to be as you are today "JUST CONTINUE". Thank you for your support and dedication to make our business a successful story. We look forward to a long term business relation.”

Amitava Saha MS - Chief Operating Officer, Ericsson Myanmar

"COMIT has been VNPT's trusted partner in providing telecom test & measurement solutions in Vietnam for many years. We wish to continue getting your devoted support in order to enhance VNPT's telecom network quality in the coming time."

Mr. To Manh Cuong - Former Vice President, VNPT Group

"Our vision is customer satisfaction with service excellence and we are thankful to "COMIT" for their contribution, dedication towards achieving our vision and look forward to your long-term and continuous support as a responsive and responsible partner, with good overall deliverables and quality output."

Jaskaran Singh - Former Head of Network Planning and Optimization, Nokia Myanmar

"It was appreciated that your team provided to ZTE good performance during the lastime. Without your excelleent job, ZTE couldn't achieve the target for the first important milestone. We hope COMIT can keep your professionalism and high efficient work and can always support us to achieve more milestones in futures."

Kenny Yang - Former Network Optimization Project Manager, ZTE Philippines